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Founded in 1965, Arrow Players is the Drama Group at St. Edmund’s Church, Northwood Hills.  The group’s purpose is to stage theatrical performances of various sorts - most important of which are public productions, but also more informal productions, often associated with Church events.

We aim to present 3 major productions each year - a traditional Pantomime in January, of which there are usually 6 performances, including matinées, (and which has gained a very high reputation locally), and in May and (occasionally) October productions that are usually plays, although occasionally we present a revue or a musical.  Our productions have won a number of awards - see here for details.

The group meets every Friday evening, from 8 pm, in St. Edmund’s Hall, mostly for rehearsals, but also for other activities such as play readings, talks, or social events.  In addition, Pantomime rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons, again in the Hall, throughout the autumn.

In presenting our productions, we aim to be as self-sufficient as possible.  We build most of our own scenery, only hiring specialised equipment when needed; we make most of our own costumes, especially for Pantomimes; we also write the Pantomimes ourselves.  There are thus many different activities in which members can be involved, of which acting is only one.

Membership of Arrow Players is open to all over 16 years of age.  There are no membership auditions, and you don’t have to be a member of St. Edmund’s Church.  There is something for everybody, but members are, of course, expected to take their turn in helping to do the various jobs that are necessary to keep the group running smoothly. 

If you would like more details of Arrow Players membership and/or activities,
please e-mail

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