Now You See It, No, You Don’t!

A Light-hearted Mystery by Mike Warrick


Excitement turns to disaster at the Gala Charity Auction as the star lot is stolen.
Chief Inspector Watson and Inspector Herms must use all of their powers of deduction
as they interview the potential suspects, weigh up the evidence and attempt to unravel
the cunning plots and schemes behind the theft. As they sift the facts from a jumble of truths, half-truths and bare-faced lies from the assembled witnesses, they draw their own conclusions before the audience is called upon to adjudicate. In a battle of wits between the crooks and the audience, will the guilty be brought to justice, or will they walk free?

“Now you see it, No, you don’t!” is a play specially developed to be rehearsed and performed in a socially distanced environment. It is also being written, rehearsed and performed
in 50 Days as part of a challenge to raise money urgently required for repairs to the roofs
of St. Edmund’s Hall, where the performances of this and all of Arrow Players productions take place -  see  

Performances will be on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November

See here for tickets.